Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

We base our prices on measurable units. For example, for landscaping projects requiring a certain amount of grass, turf, or cement, we will give a quote based on the number of square feet you tell us. For remodels or installs involving individually purchased items (such as a bathroom vanity), we will quote based on how much it costs us to make/obtain the material, and then add a "No BS" 20% margin so that we can pay our workers.

My final quote was higher than the initial web quote. What gives?!

Our quotes are preliminary because we don't require someone to visit the property first. Some projects will require digging, grading, disposal, or will encounter other roadblocks that can add unexpected complexity/cost. However, feel rest assured that we will discuss these with you as part of the project discussion beforehand; there are no hidden fees here!

The benefit of our model is that our competitors are unwilling to provide a "rough" estimate until you've wasted an afternoon waiting for them.

They do this to make price-shopping too much trouble. If everyone gave instant $-per-sqft quotes, they'd be forced to lower prices to compete! 

Hint: That's what we did ;)


How do I get my quote?

Go to the "Get a Quote!" tab on our website and give us some information about your project and what you need done. One of our representatives will reach back out ASAP to get the finer details and set up the "No BS" quoting procedure!

What services do you offer?

We do home remodels, artificial turf, concrete and other landscape/hardscape, ADU construction, HVAC installation and repair, and interior design. Have something you're not sure about? Contact us through "Get a quote!"